5 Skincare Tips for Men

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A man’s skin can be as thick as a leather hide or as sensitive as a baby’s bottom, but no matter how it looks or feels, it can always benefit from some tender love and care. Women don’t have a monopoly on skin problems, in fact men sometimes have to deal with even tougher skin issues. Not to worry though, there are few tips to keep your man looking and feeling as soft as Corinthian leather.

1. Pick the right razor

Razor burn is the bane of most men’s grooming routine. It’s a price most refuse to pay even to look their best. The problem is that not all razors are created equal nor does one size fit all. Depending on your skin type, battery powered razors may do more harm than good. Using a multiple blade razor can help reduce razor burn even on the most sensitive of skins. Your pre-shave oil and shaving cream need to be working together to build up a rich, protective lather that will also keep your skin hydrated. Two of the biggest mistakes men men make when shaving has to do with getting a close shave. Many men will go over the same area a dozen or so times to try to remove the last stray hair or they will press extra hard to make sure they get it. This is counterproductive. For the best shave, you need a light touch. Let the weight of the razor itself do the work and never be afraid to lather up again for another go – as long as you don’t forget the lather.

Men's Razor

2) Exfoliate and Moisturize

Exfoliation isn’t a dirty word. It’s the best way to get a deep clean and keep your skin healthy. Exfoliating brings out all that dirt hidden deep within your pores. You don’t need an exfoliation mask or anything like that. Washing your face everyday and using a body wash or bar of soap designed for exfoliation is all you need for a deep clean.

Moisturizing is incredibly important for all types of skin and of particular importance on the face when it comes to preventing razor burn. A man’s skin needs to be cared for to be at its best and mosturization is one of the easiest ways to keep it looking great. A great, unintrusive way to add a mosturization regime to your normal routine is to use a moisturizer with SPF that can be used when you know you’ll be out in the sun.

Icelandic Moisture SPF

3) Avoid Scented Products

Another irritant men with sensitive skin should be aware of are scented products like aftershave, bodywash and sunscreen. An oil-free moisturizing lotion is better than applying a scented product because often the ingredients used to create that scent can damage sensitive skin. If you are thinking of using aftershave or lotion, always opt for sensitive skin forumlas.

4) Good Facial Cleanser

It is important to wash your face often, but you need to be sure that you are using a good facial cleanser. Harsh soaps and scrubs will only do more damage to your skin. A gentle cleanser that also hydrates the skin will do wonders for your complexion, skin and self-confidence.

Glacial Face Wash

5) Limit Shower/Bath Time

Too much of a good thing can be bad a bad thing. Unfortuantly this is true even when indulging in long, hot showers. While they’re relaxing and almost theraputic, long showers and baths can damage your skin by removing essential oils from your skin. A quick, lukewarm bath or shower will help your skin stay clean and protect itself from breakouts.