5 Skin Care Tips for Teens

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Once you hit your teenage years, your skin begins to suffer, and it is noticeable. This is because of all the hormones racing through your body. It is hard to keep your skin clear and glowing while everything is changing. The body is going through a lot of different things and breakouts seem to be an unavoidable side effect. Here are a few tips to help properly care for your skin and prevent further breakouts.

1) Wash your face regularly

Be sure to wash your face gently with a mild cleanser. Washing your face too roughly or with an overly powerful product you can irritate your skin even more. Throughout the day, your skin has to deal with bacteria and harmful oils from sweating as well as sun exposure. If you wash your face regularly, you are eliminating harmful toxins and limiting the amount of work your skin has to do on its own to fight breakouts.

2) Keep your hair out of your face

Your hair can also be harmful to your skin. Keeping your hair clean and out of your face will help keep your skin healthy. Pinning your hair back or just trimming your bangs can prevent any additional oil or dirt from clogging your pores and help you show off your natural beauty.

3) Wash makeup off thoroughly

If you wear makeup often then be sure to wash it off thoroughly, especially before bed. Sleeping in your makeup can result in blemishes, the same goes for caking on makeup. Less is more. Go as natural as possible, if not all natural.

4) Protection from the sun

Sun damage is a common thing and often happens before you even hit your teens. While the sun adds color to your skin among other nutrients, it can cause acne, sunburns and in extreme cases skin cancer. Use a moisturizer or sunscreen lotion of at least SPF 30 anytime you’re out in the sun.

5) Choose the right products

It is important to keep your skin protected and healthy but it’s even more important to choose the right products to do so. You should choose the products that are made specifically for your skin type. If you are constantly breaking out but don’t want to go all natural then choose oil-free products.