Five Tips for Applying Face Cream

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There are a few cardinal rules to keep in mind when using and applying face creams. Even though not all face creams are created equal, the process of getting the most out of them is the same.

1) Keeping it clean

Any and all skin care routines need to start with a clean slate. Choosing a chemical free facial cleanser that will exfoliate without irritating your skin, is the best place to start.

2) A little bit goes a long way

One of the main mistakes people make when applying face cream is the amount. Rather than filling your palm with product and rubbing it all in, it's best to start little by little. Try a small dab of the cream on one area of your face and see how much you need. Then, and only then, move on to the next area. This will keep your skin from becoming greasy.

3) Careful around the corners

As anyone who has ever applied cream to their face before knows, you have to be careful around the eyes. Even here a little bit goes a long way – just a small amount of cream in the corner of eye will bring on the pain, tears and stress.

4) Wax on, wax off

Mr. Miyagai was teaching Daniel-san more than how to wax a car while also teaching us a valuable beauty secret. Moving your fingers in small, even circles when applying the cream is the easiest way to achieve a soft feel and supple glow.

5) Stop, collaborate and listen

Once you've applied the cream, settle in for a quick round of the waiting game. You need to give your skin some time to soak up the benefits of the cream before adding any other product or makeup to your face. Once you do, anything you add will look even better thanks to the strong, natural foundation. After you've mastered the "stop" and the "collaborate," you can start listening to all of the compliments you'll be getting!

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