What Eye Care Routine Should I Use?

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Icelandic Relief Eye CreamSimilar to the skincare routine, many people want to know how to keep their eyes just as healthy. How exactly do you do that though? Well, it's a few steps. We offer our insight to what eye care routine is right for you.

Clearly, you need to have frequent visits with your eye doctor. This is easily the best starting point and around which you should build your regime. Even if you think you are keeping your eyes healthy, the doctor might suggest something else. It is important to keep appointments so you can know what is specifically going on with your eyes.

If you plan on going out in the sun for awhile, be sure to wear protective sunglasses. UV rays are causes of cataracts and other eye concerns. It is critical that we protect them as much as we protect the other areas of our body. If you wear contacts, you should also make sure they're kept clean and changed regularly.

Now, for the skin around those eyes. You'll need moisturizer. Fruits like papayas and pineapples can be used as eye cream (not to be squirted in your eye) separately or together. By combining them, they become an even more powerful eye cream. Both of them exfoliate reducing the amount of wrinkles around the eyes.

Oh and let's not forget the humble cucumber, a staple of eye care since forever. They help clear up those dark circles under your eyes that your late nights and stress create. They'll also knock out puffiness and mild swelling.

While getting enough sleep is the best way to eliminate those pesky bags under your eyes, you can use Chamomile tea bags to pick up the slack. Getting enough sleep will reduce redness but chamomile tea bags can be just as soothing to your eyes. They will reduce redness and take care of anything else that is bothering your eyes. If you don't want to use tea bags, then we recommend naps. Long, blissful naps. No one said eye care would be easy.

These are only suggestions to consider when developing an eye care routine. Make sure you stick to what works for you. If you prefer papayas in your smoothies and cucumbers in your salads, look into a range of chemical free products to help your eyes be their best. And make sure you visit your eye doctor regularly for checkups and to ensure you're doing everything right in caring for your eyes.