The Iceland Connection

Think about Iceland for a minute. It's peaceful. Unspoiled. Absolutely pure and pristine. Think clean air and water, mineral-rich hot springs, deep fjords, untouched glacial rivers, health and harmony. Now, think about what all of our lives are actually like. Do the words "overscheduled," "overextended," "non-stop" and sometimes just "totally overwhelming" sound more familiar? We thought so.

For us, Iceland represents a kind of ideal — a place of balance, of potent and uncomplicated beauty. It's also home to some of the world's purest and most beneficial ingredients, which we've sourced and enhanced with cutting-edge skincare science to create products that help relieve, rejuvenate and restore balance to stressed skin. Skyn ICELAND transforms exhausted, irritated and depleted skin so it emerges soft, clear, fresh and glowing.

As for our name, we didn't make up the word "skyn" just to look Icelandic. In the Icelandic language, "skyn" actually means "senses." So, the point we're trying to make is that there's a direct link between the senses - especially when they're completely overloaded by stress - and how your skin looks and feels.

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