Meet The Founder

Sometimes beautiful things are born from struggle. My own experience with stress has taken me on a journey to find the right balance of inner and outer beauty, a path I am still traveling today.

In 2003, I became critically ill as a result of chronic stress, which had weakened my immune system to such an extent that I landed in the hospital, unable to move. When I heard my doctor say, "If you don't learn to manage your stress, you won’t live to see forty," it was a huge wake up call. I then realized I needed to make a life change and take a proactive role in my own health and wellness.

Sometimes beautiful things are born from struggle.

My healing journey took me to Iceland, where I discovered a natural oasis of pure, unspoiled waters, air, and plants — the epitome of a calm, clean, low stress environment. I was struck not only by the peaceful and pristine environment, but how Icelanders experience incredible longevity and vibrant, healthy skin. It was there that I drew inspiration for what would later become Skyn ICELAND.

After twenty years in the beauty industry developing skincare products for leading beauty companies - and my own experience with stress — I became increasingly intrigued by the connection between stress and skin. I recognized that if stress could have such tremendous impact on internal health, it also had to be impacting skin. I put together an advisory board of health and wellness experts in the areas of nutrition, dermatology, psychology, cardiology and holistic medicine to truly understand stress' far-reaching effects. Then, after tapping some of the industry's finest chemists, skyn ICELAND was born, the first skincare brand specifically formulated to address the effects of stress on skin.

I know it’s impossible to make stress go away. But through skyn ICELAND I have been able to share my knowledge with others to help them manage and alleviate stress. It’s hearing each person’s story, sharing my experiences and being able to help that gets me up in the morning and makes what I do everyday so worthwhile and fulfilling.