Frequently Asked Questions

How is stressed skin different from normal, healthy skin?
Is skyn ICELAND only for stressed skin?
How do I know if my skin is stressed?
What makes skyn ICELAND different from other skincare lines?
Is skyn ICELAND best for normal, oily or dry skin types?
Is skyn ICELAND a good line for sensitive skin?
Is skyn ICELAND allergy-tested?
Is skyn ICELAND a good line for acne-prone skin?
Does skyn ICELAND have a good product for redness and rosacea?
Is skyn ICELAND a good line for problems related to psoriasis?
Was skyn ICELAND developed for a certain age group?
Can men use skyn ICELAND products?
Do all the products need to be used together to be effective?
Why do skyn ICELAND products have a cooling sensation?
Why is the Icelandic Complex so important?
Why are antioxidants so important to skyn ICELAND's formulations?
What are the anti-inflammatories and what do they do?
What is "oxygen-infused"?
What are your return policies?
Does skyn ICELAND offer Afterpay?