At skyn ICELAND we offer skincare solutions to treat the damage caused by stress.

Our inspiration comes from nature, in the pure unspoiled natural resources of Iceland – With its mineral rich waters, antioxidant powered berries, soothing algaes and mosses and immune boosting angelica archangelica. With these potent naturals, we created products that soothe, stabilize, fortify and nourish skin, bringing it back into balance and returning it to a glowing, youthful state.

Our commitment to nature is in everything we do. We favor packaging that’s easily recyclable. We're free of parabens, petroleum, mineral oil and sulfates. We don't test our products on animals and we're 100% vegan. Our simple-to-use products indulge the senses, bringing on an overall sense of calm and ultimately, reenergize you and your skin. Our goal is to help you feel as good as you look so you can take on the world and its challenges.

Open a jar. Push the pump. Feel the tingly clean, the soothing calm sensation. Inhale the energy of nature's fragrances. Treat your skin to the ultimate chill pill.

Watch founder, Sarah Kugelman, tell her story and be transported to Iceland, the source for our pure ingredients.

Sarah Kugelman

Sarah's Story

My own experience with stress has taken me on a journey to find the right balance of inner and outer beauty, a path I am still traveling today.

In 2003, I became critically ill as a result of chronic stress. As part of my healing process I traveled to Iceland, where I discovered a natural oasis of pure, unspoiled waters, air, and plants – the epitome of a calm, clean, low stress environment. I was struck not only by the peaceful and pristine environment, but how Icelanders experience incredible longevity and vibrant, healthy skin. It was there that I drew inspiration for what would later become skyn ICELAND.

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How Stress Affects Skin

Everyone's experienced it: stress from deadlines, big presentations, ferrying the kids around, late nights with the's a part of everyday life, right? But have you ever wondered how all that pressure and anxiety affect your skin? Several published studies in the area of psychodermatology - the scientific study of how emotions affect skin - have shown that stress can actually compromise the skin's ability to function properly, to heal wounds and to fight disease. Couple that with the fact that more than 4 out of 10 adults experience adverse health effects from stress, and it's no wonder our skin is suffering.

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Accelerated Aging
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Lines and wrinkles, sagging skin, loss of elasticity

With Arctic thyme extract, natural gaba technology. Raspberry stem cells, Siberian ginseng, Arctic lingonberry oil.

Rx: Skyn ICELAND's Arctic Elixir, Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels, Oxygen Infusion Night Cream

Adult Acne
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Clogged pores, oiliness and blemishes.

With purifying Icelandic moss, argan seed extract that reduces oiliness, meadow seed extract to tighten pores, Arctic thyme and angelica archangelica.

Rx: Skyn ICELAND's Anti Blemish Gel with Willow Bark or the Antidote Daily Lotion

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Sensitivity, redness, itching, hives. Long-term could lead to psoriasis, eczema or rosacea.

With soothing Arctic gooseberry extract, Icelandic kelp, red Arctic algae and Arctic Sea buckthorn oil.

Rx: Skyn ICELAND's the Antidote Daily Lotion or Oxygen Infusion Night Cream

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Dryness, dehydration, flakiness and dullness.

With moisturizing Icelandic glacial waters, an Antarctic extract, Arctic cloudberry and cranberry extracts.

Rx: Skyn ICELAND's Arctic Face Oil or Pure Cloud Cream

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Uneven tone and texture, lack of radiance and hyperpigmentation

With brightening molecular oxygen, ice age mud and Arctic bilberry extract.

Rx: Skyn ICELAND's Nordic Skin Peel with Alpha-Beta Complex or Arctic Hydration Rubberizing Mask

The Icelandic Complex

The Icelandic Complex is our propriety natural blend that replenishes the nutrients that stress depletes. It's what sets skyn ICELAND apart and makes our products hyper potent and truly efficacious. Sourced from Iceland's pure and potent environment, it contains pollution-free Icelandic Glacial Water with 6 essential minerals to hydrate and detoxify skin, Arctic cloudberry and cranberry seed oils "super fruits of the Arctic" rich in Omega fatty acids, vitamins and potent antioxidants as well as pure molecular oxygen which delivers energy into skin’s deepest layers to bring back a youthful glow.

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  • Icelandic Glacial

    Icelandic Glacial Water

    Icelandic glacial mineral water is pollution-free and contains 6 essential minerals that detoxify skin and alleviate dryness helping to soften skin’s texture. These pristine waters are crucial for maintaining skin’s healthy PH balance.

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  • Arctic Super

    Arctic super fruits

    Arctic cloudberry seed oil and arctic red cranberry seed oil are ‘super fruits’ of the Arctic—containing high levels of antioxidants, as well as Vitamins A, C & E along with Omega-rich fatty acids which work together to protect, repair, and brighten skin.

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  • Pure Molecular

    Pure Molecular Oxygen

    Encapsulated oxygen breathes fresh air into the skin’s deepest layers to provide energy and nutrients. Essential for maintaining skin's youthful tone and texture, pure oxygen stimulates cell metabolism.

How stressed are you?

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