Icelandic Glacial Waters

Thousands of years ago, when no pollution existed, ice formed high atop the mountains of Iceland. Skyn ICELAND's Pure Icelandic Glacial Waters originated there, in the prehistoric Blue Mountains where the rain and snow converted to pure white ice. Any Icelander will tell you it takes hundreds of years for the waters to go through a natural filtration process. Over time, as the ice melts and gradually runs down the mountains, it filters through inert layers of lava rock and trickles into the ground picking up minerals from the volcanic bedrock. It then flows into naturally occurring underground reservoirs.

Today, skyn ICELAND's waters run into a government protected natural spring in an ancient lava field. This is located in the heart of an isolated nature reserve called Heidmork. Heiðmörk is where Reykjavík' water reservoirs and drinking water wells are located.

Iceland is essentially
pollution-free because:

It has one of the cleanest environments on the planet and is universally acclaimed for the purity of its water. Iceland Water has some of the lowest total dissolved solids due to the natural filtration process that occurs when glacial water filters through Iceland's porous volcanic bedrock. Think of your standard carbon water filter.... now think of that filter extending miles beneath the earth's surface. That's why the water is so pure.